Thursday, October 20, 2011
In the current Philosophy Now the Dead German Philosopher's Club considers admitting Wittgenstein.
Husserl: Personally, I find it rather more worrying that he allegedly discouraged some of his students from studying philosophy and told them they would be more use working in a factory.

Heidegger: Yes indeed - a disturbing notion! As for his standing as a German philosopher, I must confess that I find his style - how shall I put it? - rather 'undeutsch'. Much of the Tractatus is written in mathematical symbols, and much of the rest is presented as a series of aphorisms or oracular pronouncements - not without great insight I grant you, but lacking any supporting arguments. In fact he reminds me strongly of Nietzsche - which, I suspect, is why Friedrich is still only a probationary member. Furthermore, Wittgenstein's claim that "What can be said at all, can be said clearly" is not exactly in the tradition of German philosophy, as I'm sure we would all agree.
In the magazine the piece comes with a picture of Husserl disguised as Karl Popper.
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