Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aphelis Reloaded on moderation.
Nowadays, the word “mediocrity” ― which originally means “moderation; intermediate state or amount” ― is easily associated with some sort of moral judgment: if it’s mediocre, than it’s no good. Is Heidegger being judgmental here? As far as I know, the question of determining whether Heidegger analysis of the Dasein is descriptive or prescriptive is still subject of debate. That being said, it’s worths noting that just a few lines earlier, Heidegger clearly states:
In relation to these phenomena, it may not be superfluous to remark that our own Interpretation is purely ontological in its aims, and is far removed from any moralizing critique of everyday Dasein, and from the aspirations of a ‘philosophy of culture’.
With contrasts to Pierce's vagueness, and average ordinariness at #OWS.

Which reminds me that I should also give a shout out to Occupy Philosophy.
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