Wednesday, December 14, 2011
iMedia Connection on the future of Facebook.
Facebook will eventually become part of what philosopher Martin Heidegger would call the background of everydayness -- something that simply "is." And some people will really like it, and it will provide them with the kind of social interaction they are incapable of getting from the three-dimensional world around them. And some people will turn it off, never to bask in its glow again.
Isn't that future already here?
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I tried it and disliked it.

Heidegger, of course, would say that such things destroy authentic place and time. Cf. his comment on radio in Being and Time (omitted by Macquarrie & Robinson, but included in the Stambaugh translation).
The bit about the radio rang a bell. I found it went by four years ago.

I am still un-Facebook-ed (my wife keeps me up-to-date on friend and family baby pictures through her account), but I discovered I had to have a LinkedIn account to "exist" when I last changed jobs.
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