Monday, February 20, 2012
How to be an ontological entrepreneur.
The ontology of entrepreneurship awaits us as one legitimate and open field of enquiry into the event of entrepreneurship. Primarily these investigations will draw upon the work of Heidegger and appear as an existential analytic. We stress that the research programme proposed is a distinctly Heideggerian enquiry, which means an investigation into fundamental ontology as well as the beings extant in entrepreneurship. Such a programme would draw upon the early work of Heidegger which is signposted in Being and Time and his deliberations regarding Kant subsequent to Being and Time. This can be one limitation of this paper since we concentrated only on Heidegger and enquiry into confinement. We hope the current paper can be a triggering point for entrepreneurship scholars to explore ontological-phenomenological method. Researchers inclined to invest in such a study must accept that it is not directed at the making of a profit, but rather is about the understanding of a distinctive phenomena – entrepreneurship.
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