Monday, February 27, 2012
Ian Angus on the horizon of place.
The essence of locality is movement, traversal, interplay. It is made up of two kinds of movement that are constituted by their asymmetrical co-dependence. Movement outward is smooth, borderless and without interruption, whereas movement back discovers a border when it re-iterates location as a place, a destination "there" which already-has-been here. Here and there can never be treated as coordinates on the same level. This description shows why, in "Building Dwelling Thinking," Heidegger said that "a boundary is not that at which something stops but, as the Greeks recognized, the boundary is that from which something begins its presencing" (p. 154 Emphasis in original). However, in the same text, he says "spaces (Räume) receive their being from places (Orten) and not from 'space' (Raum) " (p. 154. Translation altered). It has already been noted above that in this text Heidegger had neither introduced nor used the distinction between place and location. In order to include the insight developed in the present meditation, we would have to alter this sentence to read: spaces receive their being from location (Ortschaft) and not from 'space.' Also, noticing that the line, or boundary, appears in the interrupted movement of return and not (yet) in the smooth movement outward, we may say that while something begins its presencing from the boundary, something can only begin its presencing in the movement which is a recovery of here, the return toward home.
I have not yet studied the paper, but I was strongly attracted by its concluding 5 item summation.

The quote you chose does get to the heart, but the summation has provocative implications. Might that be worth posting?
I came across this in the context of the passage from BDT. I was struck by the distinction between place and location, and wondered about it.

I definately recommend the paper for anyone interested in MH and topology, and will read it further to see what else I want to post from it.
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