Monday, February 27, 2012

bodyoftheory on Tim Ingold and architecture inbetween earth and sky.
While reminding us of Heidegger’s notion of the boundary as not where something ends but rather ‘begins its presencing’ Ingold also referred back to the idea of the living thing as a transitory bundling or ‘gathering’ of productive forces. More profoundly perhaps there is also an opportunity for us to read this metaphor in reverse, if we consider architecture as the place where a process of unbundling might also occur. I am thinking here of the heuristic function of the building as a means for what Heidegger referred to as ‘revealing’ – a place where, out of the processes of making, narratives are opened up and played out in terms of the spatial, social and intellectual opportunities offered by it.
I know nothing about architecture, but I have never seen a building that belongs where it sits. At the same time, I still do not understand MH's bridge that opens us to the river's banks.

PS. Although I can see all my comment, it is broken into two locations. My screen resolution again?
PPS. I had just switched from IE9 to Bing. Is that it?
IE9 is a browser, and Bing is a search engine. There may be a Bing branded browser out there, but it's probably IE9 with a Bing toolbar, or something like that.

You problem may just be transitory, and refreshing the page may fix it.

Web sites are going through a period of transition to HTML 5, and different browsers support different levels of HTML 5. A common problem I'm running into these days is a "click the button below" message, and there's only blank space, no button.

For the Blogger.com site (they host enowning), since it is owned by Google, Google's browser, Chrome, may work better. Lately I've been having trouble with some Amazon pages using IE9, but those pages work fine with the Chrome browser.
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