Thursday, March 01, 2012
Earth humor, ar! ar!

The tree presences on the Problem Page with this week's guest editor: Martin Heidegger.
Dear Martin,

as a mature man, it is embarrassing for me to admit that I am sexually attracted to trees. Not that it was easy to admit it when I was immature. I have never admitted it, in fact, until now. For me, this is a very big thing, to be revealing this to "the world".
And so on.
Brings back memories. In about 1957, a required course for the Divinity School at U of Chicago was "Religion and Personality." I learned later that one of our profs was a Heideggerian. I remember a lecture of his that I now, many years later, realize was his attempt to communicate "world." I remember also that I left having no idea at the time of what he was trying to show/tell us.

PS. I am keeping my default web browser as IE9, as my Favorites work there. Then if I want to leave a comment, I copy the URL and go to Chrome. Works for me.
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