Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Gordon G. Globus on an inner welling, from Quantum Closures and Disclosures: Thinking-together Postphenomenology and Quantum Brain Dynamics.
Let’s first consider Ereignis, “en—owning.” Emad and Maly (1999) translate the er- as en-, “insofar as this prefix conveys the sense of ‘enabling’, ‘bring into the condition of’, or ‘welling up of’”. I shall usually use welling up for er- (more intensely, erupt) because it conveys a sense of a continuous dynamic; the very sound of welling-up has a flow. “Enabling” is sometimes useful but its connotation is more mechanical, lacking the welling character. Heidegger frequently uses en-, not just in enowning, to emphasize an intrinsic dynamic of welling up.

Let’s dwell in en-: To be en-amored is for love to well up. To be en-couraged is for courage (L. cor, heart) to well up. We can say from an extrinsic perspective that love or courage wells up in someone, but en- has the connotation of inwardness, as in en-demic (belonging to a region), endo-crine (to secrete within), endo—gamy (marriage within a certain group), en-dowment (natural capacity, power, or ability), en-joy (to experience pleasure or satisfaction in). In Heidegger er- implies such an inner welling. “En-core” can mean either extrinsically a demand for repetition by the actor — Encore! Encore! Play it again, Sam! — or intrinsically “en-core” calls for the violinist to let the performance well up again from her heart, from being-in-the-world ... Heidegger clearly means the intrinsic sense of “encore” with his use of er-. That en- is highly ambiguous — both extrinsic demand and intrinsic welling tip — catches the deconstructionist eye (which is poised to seize on marginalia). Evidences of fundamental confusion are proper incision points for deconstruction.

So what wells up in Ereignis? Eignis . . . owning, belonging to, matching, which we will go into shortly. For now: Ereignis is the dynamical welling-up of two modes that belong-together, Sein and Zeit.

Pp. 7-8
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