Tuesday, March 06, 2012
In a review of Patricia Churchland's Braintrust, Richard Marshall asserts:
So the Nietzschean naturalistic metaphysics, metaphysics that isn’t the made up kind of Kant or Heidegger, is one which is about the world we are beginning to know about through science.
Heidegger made up a metaphysics? Who knew? Apparently folks who've never read him. The review also uses an adverbial form of Leiter - an informal indication that. It just goes to show, as England greatest living poet might've put it, the lie dream of the Anglo soul scheme.

Just to be clear - mani pulite qui - Churchland's book does not mention Heidegger.
He means the 'made up kind' of Kant or Heidegger i.e. their (mis)readings of what metaphysics is. I don't think he is suggesting either invented metaphysics. They certainly invented (or correctly diagnosed depending on how far one wishes to go with them) accounts of metaphysics, and that is what is being discussed here, no? Of course, I also don't see *why* he brings them up but suspect it is just a chance to get a sly dig in at Heideggerians/continentalists/etc.!
I can see how it might have been intended to mean: Kant and MH's understanding of metaphysics.
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