Friday, March 09, 2012
Robert Pippin on the mind that "allows" Dasein to fall in the world, and Heidegger's denial of that mind, from "On Being Anti-Cartesian: Heidegger, Hegel, Subjectivity and Sociality".
Dasein can only lose itself; it can fall only if it leaps. This claim, though, also means that Heidegger dangerously overstates his general position by interpreting Dasein as a kind of site or place or, most famously, clearing (Lichtung) where significance, heing, happens. Dasein, by virtue of the preceding claim, cannot simply "be" its there, be the site of disclosure. For there to "be" such a clearing, Dasein must "hold it open" in a certain way, attentive to certain norms and ends, purposively amid in some sense, self consciously. Heidegger has a tendency to try to outflank such points by insisting that whatever ways might be available to Dasein to sustain and reflect on its world’s ongoing sense-making practices themselves always already reflect "how one goes on." Or, Dasein is radically "thrown" (geworfen), and there is no way to bring the "always already there" background context to the foreground, as if itself an object. But his own clarification of why Dasein cannot he said simply to be sensible in some socially assigned way ought to be a telling point for every form of Dasein’s disclosings. Dasein always is and is not its "there."
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