Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Krzysztof Ziarek on trading in being.
While human beings live “essentially by risking [their] nature in the
vibration of money and the currency of values,” being risks itself in the vibration of technicity as the Gestell, the risk which Heidegger deliberately makes resonate throughout the essay in the multiple and complex plays on stellen. The technological dominion (Herrschaft) spreads all over the earth because technicity discloses being into and as the objective or the object-like (das Gegenständige). Revealing being, technicity changes being into entities and thus exchanges it for objects, installing in this specific way all beings as essentially producible. “To be” thus comes to indicate being “placeable” and “positionable” (stellbar) as producible and makeable (herstellbar and machbar). This general putting in place of being as production and producibility also e1ects a dissolution of thingness and of the being of humans into calculable market values: as resources, capital, information, etc. In this specific sense, technicity as enframing reveals the modern world to be a world market. The phrase “reveals to be” signals here that technicity does not simply reveal what is already there, present and waiting to be displayed, but rather that technicity reveals the world in such a way that it be a “world market.” In revealing being as the (modern) world, technicity renders it into and enframes it as a world market. Technicity thus comes to play a disclosive and a decisive role, so that the world no longer happens as world, but instead is put in place as world market, in which what takes place is a trading in being,
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