Friday, April 27, 2012
Vensus A. George on shepherding Being.
Besides, shepherding Being in his self, Dasein also shepherds Being that is revealed in things by dwelling in the fourfold as the mortal. In other words, by dwelling in the fourfold Dasein spares Being in things and thereby builds things in their being. Dasein dwells in the fourfold by gathering together the fourfold, i.e., the three facets of Being. This shepherding of Being in things is done by Dasein by performing four function within the fourfold: saving the earth as the earth, receiving the sky as the sky, waiting on divinities as divinities and taking upon himself or initiating his own nature as the mortal. In the fourfold, Dasein shepherds the Being that is manifested in things.

In shepherding Being in Dasein’s own being and in things, Dasein becomes the seer of the truth of Being. The truth of Being -- the essential belonging-together of Being and Dasein, the relation of difference between Being and entities and the spatio-temporal history of Being -- can be seen, in the sense of experienced or realized, only when it is received by Dasein in the realm of Ereignis. Being raises Dasein to the level that is on a par with it in the realm of Ereignis. Dasein is a co-partner in this essential relationship with Being. It is only in the context of the belonging-together of Being and Dasein that the truth of entities, i.e. their essential difference from Being, is unfolded. Dasein is a co-player with Being in the play of the spatio-temporal history of Being. In this manner, Dasein plays an active role of receiving, responding and shepherding Being in its giving, and thereby becomes a seer of the truth of Being.
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