Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ἀντιγόνη: ὦ κοινὸν αὐτάδελφον Ἰσμήνης κάρα, ἆρ᾽ οἶσθ᾽ ὅ τι Ζεὺς τῶν ἀπ᾽ Οἰδίπου κακῶν ὁποῖον οὐχὶ νῷν ἔτι ζώσαιν τελεῖ;
Anne Carson
Antigone: We begin in the dark and birth is the death of us.
Ismene: Who said that?
Antigone: Hegel.
Ismene: Sounds more like Beckett.
Antigone: He was paraphrasing Hegel.
Ismene: I don't think so.
Antigone: Whoever it was, whoever we are, dear sister, ever since we were born from the evils of Oidipous, what bitterness, pain, disgust, disgrace or moral shock have we been spared?
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