Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Dominique Janicaud tells a story.
Jean Beaufret once told me a story that Heidegger himself had related to him.

Heidegger was seeing Husserl off on the train. I suppose it was in Marburg, where Husserl had given a paper. Husserl was explaining his plans for a phenomenological school, including the different tasks he would assign to each of his disciples: Fink, Landgrebe, Scheler, and Heidegger himself among other less famous students and assistants. Husserl asked Heidegger what he was currently working on (the dialogue is supposed to have taken
place in 1925 or 1926). Heidegger replied: "Time", to which Husserl
added: "Then you will be in charge of Time". It seems that Heidegger found this both typical of Husserl's attitude and rather humorous, because Husserl considered time to be a kind of "region" within the vast field of phenomenological research. He was dealing out tasks like an engineer would the various parts of a large project. He was not yet aware that Heidegger's manner of tackling the problem of time would completely revolutionize phenomenoloy and prepare the way for a deconstruction of metaphysics itself.
From "Heidegger and the Question of Time".
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