Saturday, May 26, 2012
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Frédéric de Towarnicki's Visite à Martin Heidegger

He never stopped telling his students that they should not consider science lightly nor with disdain. Science is going very well for their consideration and did not need to be justified. While learning to work in proximity, they had just as long as possible to maintain an attitude of vigilance with respect to representations of it and rationalization (technical-scientific) that governed the time. For it was only then that the distance necessary to perform the “leap” could be safeguarded, for a thinking more thoughtful in the place of being. Reasoning, in these parts, about everything, no matter what, leads only to sophistication, to an appearance of philosophy.

Heidegger referred to his seminars and lectures. Between science and thought the connection could not be authentic, but might be fertile, if the abyss between them became visible. Over this abyss, one could not span it with a bridge, only a leap is possible. This was the unusual and confusing part from the thought of being and from “looking into that which is”, as understood by phenomenology.


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