Sunday, May 27, 2012
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The Shadow of Heidegger

There’s a rising colonel going around shaking many hands and smiling excessively. The oligarchy and the communists call him fascist, Nazi. They haven’t read Alfred Rosenberg , Martin. A country, he’d let them know, is built from its racial purity; by the elimination of inferior races. Here, neither the oligarchy nor the communists or the idle classes propose exterminating the blacks. But neither do they approach them. And those that should do so, the communists, find themselves suffocating in their alliedphile pathos. This pathos keeps them from differentiating themselves from the oligarchy. Their hatred for the blacks keeps them from approaching them. Who then does so? The smiling Nazi. He approaches them in order to use them, for whatever, to build up his power. I don’t know. This I know: in this country, today, towards the ends of 1944, the only politician that makes an effort to expressing and protecting the scorned, neglected races is a colonel with many faces, but without one, that all his adversaries have: he’s not a racist. They all call him Nazi. Everyone who calls him a Nazi disdains or ignores the damned, dark races. He, the Nazi, doesn’t. He expresses them. His goes amongst them, touches them, and allows himself to be touched. Not even Alfred Rosenberg could understand this; especially him.

On the other hand (I warned you, Martin: don’t try to understand this country), the colonel has a National Socialist Weltanschauung. He speaks, for some time now, of something he calls the third position. Do you know what it’s about? Of Heidegger’s pincers, son! According to the colonel, his country, this diabolical crossword: Argentina, must reject communism as much as capitalism. It must seek a third position. Which is, of course, his; which he calls justicialismo. And here I stop. You’ll have to continue. Just one thing, Martin, one of the notable things of these people is their self-regard. A partner of the colonel, a nationalist historian, a man who was a minister of the golpe del ’30, with admirable conviction told me that we, the National Socialists, had barely scoped out this thirdist horizon, so to speak. That only now, with this vertiginous colonel, the time for the authentic struggle against Bolshevik massification and North American business was opening up. “Many say that Perón is a Nazi”, he intoned the name of the colonel, “but it’s not like that. Perón is the architect and he will be the great warrior to win our third position.” “Outstanding”, I commented, “Please, continue”. He continued: “Professor Müller”, he said solemnly and definitively, “Hitler only prefigured our Leader. He only prefigured the brilliant strategy of the third position. From here where so sadly the oligarchs and communists of this country err when they call ‘Nazi’ to our colonel of the people. Perón is not a Nazi, Professor Müller. Hitler was a Perónista”.

You won’t be bored in this country, Martin.


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