Friday, October 12, 2012

thinking and thoughtlessness on that according to which the emergence and elusion of entities takes place.
Unter-Schied is introduced in Language in 1950 and names there the middle which separates and at the same time brings together the between of things and world. The dif-ference ereignet, appropriates things and world into a mutual belonging together, and each into its Wesen. It is the dimension, which measures out the measure of their Wesen. Ereignis (appropriation) is named in this lecture as Ereignis of the dif-ference. When talking about the pain that joins together the rift of the dif-ference in Trakl’s poem, Heidegger used the same words (die Fuge, das Fügende, fügen), that he used to translate and talk about Anaximander’s δίκη, the enjoining order which spans out the realm of presencing of entities and to which they give into or belong.
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