Saturday, October 13, 2012
On positionality.
For ourselves, let us finally set aside conceiving the technological merely technologically, i.e., starting from the human and its machines. In this age, let us attend to the claim under which there stands not only the human, but all beings, nature and history, in respect to their being.
What claim do we mean? Out whole Dasein finds itself everywhere challenged to take up the planning and calculating of everything. What speaks in this challenge? Does it spring from a self-made human whim? Or do not all beings already only concern us insofar as they address us is in planability and calculability? What comes to light here? Nothing less than this: The human is challenged, i.e., positioned, to the same extent that being is. The being of beings is itself challenged, i.e., positioned, to let beings presence in planability and calculability, first of all the human, so that he secures the beings that concern him as the standing reserve for his planning and calculating, and that he drives this requisitioning interminably. The claim that lets the being appear in planability and calculability and that also challenges the human into requisitioning the beings that thereby appear, this claim constitutes the constellation in which we reside. The whole essence of the modern technological world is determined by this.
The name for the gathering of the challenges that being and the human deliver to each other such that they reciprocally position one another is "positionality" [das Ge-Stell].
P. 116
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