Tuesday, November 13, 2012
From an interview in Al Jazeera, Santiago Zabala on the need for emergencies.
SM: So hermeneutic communism is not primarily a theory of interpretation, but rather a call for alterations?
SZ: Yes, alterations such as Chavez, the Arab Spring, or the Occupy movement, which have all shaken our so-called international diplomacy and national democratic communities. As we know, all these alterations have been healthy for the development of democratic societies: Chavez has demonstrated that leaving the IMF is profitable; the Arab Spring, that dictators were never welcomed there; and Occupy, how we are not all pleased in the rich democratic countries. When Martin Heidegger, one of the architects of hermeneutics, pointed out decades ago how the "only emergency is the lack of emergency", he was referring to these sort of alterations: The emergency is when they don't occur.
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