Thursday, November 29, 2012

The New Existentialists on thinking.
The calculative rationalizing philosopher is thoughtless with regard to what is most worthy of thought. To put it another way, in terms closely associated with sociologist Max Weber, Heidegger is saying that instrumental rationality as a means to an end always already implies a substantive rational end to the instrumental method. But instrumental rationality remains oblivious of and thoughtless in regard to what it is calculating about. In essence, such a calculative rationality would inevitably degenerate into a vicious circle of calculation merely for the sake of further calculations, ad infinitum. Indeed, it is just such a calculative circularity that is the essence of what Heidegger calls the Gestell—the technological worldview of our age—that orders merely for the sake of further ordering and in which things and persons are resources made to stand by awaiting further ordering.
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