Monday, January 14, 2013
Conditions of Possibility

Martin Hägglund discusses Derrida's "Ousia and Gramma" and Zizek responds (paraphrasing: "Ereignis does not create entities"), in part II.
I listened to most of Hagglund's rant in part II against any and all opposition to materialism, in hopes that the announced topic of a discussion of Derrida's "Ousia and Gramme" might emerge. Either it never did or I gave up at the wrong time. It was instead an analysis of Lacan's misinterpretations of Hegel and the mystifications of opponents of Darwin and purveyors of a poetic view of humans.
Hagglund lecture on "Ousia and Gramme" is in part I, the embedded video, and Zizek's in part II.
Thanks. I did confuse the two speakers. As I have already studied one version of Hagglund's argument. and he seems to need to mumble (the closed captions are hilarious), I shall wait for a printed copy of this paper to appear.
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