Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann on the turning in Ereignis.
By thinking through the “turning in enowning,” Contributions ultimately makes clear what Heidegger expressed literally for the ¤rst time in “Letter on Humanism” as “turning” (see GA 9, 327). Turning is “above all not a process in thinking-questioning” but “plays within the matter itself,” i.e., within the historical essential swaying of the truth of be-ing as enowning. The insight into the turning-character of the essential swaying of be-ing amounts to experiencing the unfolding origin of thrownness of Dasein’s projecting-open from within the enowning-throw — it is thus an insight into enowning itself. Only by taking this into account can we say that the thinking of the turning is a turning in Heidegger’s thinking. Occurring on the pathway of the being-question, turning is a crossing from the transcendental-horizonal perspective into the enowning-historical perspective. It is a crossing that is brought about by the experience of the origin of thrownness of Dasein from within the enowning-throw of the truth of be-ing.
P. 111
Translated by Parvis Emad.
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