Saturday, January 19, 2013
New exhibition at the Fold Gallery in London.
In his “Tool Analysis” Martin Heidegger suggests that only broken objects can truly be experienced for what they are. A tool only comes into being when it is broken, stripped from its functions and momentum. So when does a work of art come into being? One potential answer could be that a work only comes into being for those whom ‘the question of being’ is important. The artists in The Opposite of What We Now Know to be True seem to resist the notion of being and are instead caught up in Heidegger’s dilemma, that mid-motion of being found, broken apart, and built anew.
purely silly--the entire attribution of a "tool analysis" which, replete with a supposed love of broken tools, really never existed in SZ---I suspect this is low grade runoff from Harmen's worthwhile but terribly skewed interpretation

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