Friday, January 18, 2013
The expropriation in Ereignis.
The event of appropriation must be viewed in terms of the early aletheia, which was conceived of in Heidegger's recollective think ahead; it must be seen as a "movement" that in its "sending and extending" still preserves what is most proper to itself, as a movement that holds itself back and "withdraws itself from unrestricted disclosure" (cf. ZSD 23, 22). The event of ap-propriation includes an "expropriation" [Enteignis] (ibid. and 44, 41). To put it differently, i.e., in terms of the movement of aletheia: the event of appropriation is the movement from concealment, the mystery, to disclosure--whereby what is disclosed in each case and what is harbored in the realm of the already unconcealed retain the character of a mystery (cf. above, p. 37).
P. 122
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