Thursday, January 31, 2013
The meaningfulness of the tea cup, in 1919.
What I experience there is factically real - exists. What is the meaning of this "existence"? If we want an answer to this question, everything having to do with the concept of existence and all epistemological proofs and clarifications must be left out. Rather, it is a matter of looking out from the phenomenal meaning of "real," in which I am living and about which in factical life I do not explictly, theoretically know. Insofar as I live factically in all of that which has been said; in as I am in one way or another occupied with it, in each case according to its content; insofar as I participate in it in such and such a way, everything that is experienced - in terms of content it may be as heterogeneous as ever - has the same meaning of existence. One must thereby think away all theorizing, one must not consult what an epistemologist says about it, but rather se the sense in which factical experiencing has renewed its experiences and always in the character of meaningfulness. Even the most trivial is meaningful, even the plainly trivial. Even that which is the most worthless is meaningful.
Drinking tea, I take my cup in my hand. In conversation I have my cup standing before me. It is not the case that I grasp something colorful or even that in myself I grasp data of perception as a thing, and this thing as a cup, which is determined in time and space, something that gives itself in perceptual succession, something that could eventually not exist. "My cup, out which I drink" - its reality fulfills itself in meaningfulness, the cup is meaningfulness itself. I live factically always caught in meaningfulness, and every meaningfulness has its encirclement of new meaningfulnesses: horizons of occupation, sharing, application, and fate. I live in the factical as in a wholly particular context of meaningfulnesses, which are continually permeating one another, i.e. every meaningfulness is meaningfulness for and in a context of tendency and a context of expectation, which constructs itself ever anew in factical life [proper form: situation - opened]. In this improminent character of meaningfulness, what is experienced factically stands in factical life-contexts.
P. 83
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