Thursday, January 17, 2013
We are the roundabout in die Kehre im Ereignis.
191. Da-sein
is the axis in the turning of the event, the self-opening center of the counterplay between call and belonging. Da-sein is the "domain of what is proper", understood in analogy with "domain of a prince", the sovereign center of the appropriating eventuation as the assignment, of the ones who belong, to the event and at the same time to themselves: becoming a self.
This Da-sein is the between: between humans (as grounding of history) and the gods (in their history).
The "between: not one that simply results from the relation of the gods to humans; rather, one that first grounds the time-space for such a relation, in the sense that it itself springs from the essential occurrence of beyng as event and in the sense that, as self-opening center, it makes the gods and humans decidable for one another.
Pp. 246-7
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