Monday, February 11, 2013
John Caputo on information.
We would also need to rethink “information” beyond Heidegger’s criticism. I agree it was extraordinarily prescient of Heidegger to single out this word—not only did he thematize the “T” in “IT,” but also the “I”—but we cannot forget how reactionary Heidegger was about democracy and technology, and we need to recognize how much democracy requires the free flow of information. Furthermore, in quantum physics, information may turn out to be the very nature of the universe. It may be that on the most elemental level, the most basic units of existence are bits of information, even as in genetic theory, the very basis of life lies in some kind of information system. That is what is so prophetic in the way that the young Derrida singled out the paradigm of a generalized archi-“writing,” coded differential systems, which led him to the Heideggerian heresy that a techne lies at the very heart of the physis Heidegger celebrated. Maybe information is an auto-deconstructing system of transformation and there is no difference at all between them.
Very interesting interview, thanks for sharing this.
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