Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Artdaily on the "There’s no place like home" exhibition.
“Building Dwelling Thinking” – Martin Heidegger chose this list of activities as the title for a lecture held at the Darmstadt Symposium in 1951, and it would seem that the lack of punctuation was quite deliberate. It simultaneously conveys both a consecutive sequence and reciprocal concurrency. The three activities are more closely linked than merely in terms of the implicit chronology, in which one must necessarily happen before the other. Instead, the concepts seem to depend upon one another. The core of Heidegger’s presentation was the separation of dwelling from the pure sense of having accommodation. He emphasised the existential dimension of dwelling as a basic facet of human existence. As a consequence, building itself is more than just architectural construction: we create things and places that structure and accommodate our actions and behaviour. Concomitantly, they develop relationships, both among themselves and to the environment, opening up spaces for living and being in the world.
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