Sunday, January 26, 2014
Heidegger wrote to Mascha Kaléko, appreciating her poems.
These poems, composed in the melancholy tone of farewell, signal in Heidegger’s letter not the end of the relationship but the attempt at a beginning. But what is beginning here? In March 1959 he writes: “Dear Frau Mascha Kaléko! The more often I read your poems, the more immediately the liberated world view that is hidden in them touches me. That is why I so want a greeting from you and a picture, because I will never forget your appearance. . . . But however that may be—I think of you—Yours, Martin Heidegger.”
In Mascha Kaléko’s papers there is a photograph of Heidegger. The picture of an elderly gentleman that likely accompanied this letter. His request that she for her part send him a picture is one Mascha Kaléko apparently complied with, since an undated billet of Heidegger’s runs: “Thank you. Dear M. K. Your presence in the picture is lovely, and it now speaks through the verses. The 'Somewhere. Sometime' of a reunion delights me. Yours, Martin Heidegger.”
P. 154
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