Sunday, March 02, 2014

Seynsgeschichte on the origin in OWA.
In the title "The Origin of the Work of Art" the word "Origin" must eventually be heard and understood as a property of art. The artwork does not have its home in its origin; rather, the very idea of an origin has its forgotten home in the artwork.
“[A]s Heidegger lays out in the second volume of his Nietzsche lectures(:…) There is a disagreement between Being and the being: Being is in disagreement with the present, given, disposed being-ness [étantité] of the being, and the being is in disagreement with the substantial, founding essentiality of Being. The disagreement is a disagreement with that which, by according Being to the being, would have eased the tension of ek-sisting. Disagreement, then, constitutes the event: the nonpresence of the coming to presence, and its absolute surprise.
* * *
“[I]t is permanence without substance, the present without presence; rather than the coming [la venue], it is the unexpected arrival [sur-venue]9 of the thing itself. It is neither (successive) time, nor (distributive) place, nor (extant) thing, but rather the taking place of something—the event. To use a word that is heavy with the weight of an enormous tradition, which it will be necessary to problematize later, it is creation.” –J-L Nancy, “The Surprise of the Event”

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