Tuesday, April 01, 2014
The Nation piles on.
As for his view, made much of in the Times article, that the Third Reich was a counter-civilization, preserving the naturalness of human existence against the remoteness of modernity—it was and remains preposterous. Are we to believe that the regime that organized the industrialization of extermination, ceaselessly developed advanced weaponry and looted the rest of Europe with bureaucratic precision only intended to return to the playfulness of original human existence?
He had changed his mind - the german reich was just as caught up in the technological way of thinking as the anglo-saxon capitalists and the slav bolshies - before the war started. The notebooks may help pinpoint that turn more precisely.
If one ever needed an example for "CHEAP SHOT" they are abundant when it comes to the details of MH's collusion with the Nazis.

In fact they illustrate the gutlessness of the accusers...or maybe just their lack of intellectual capacity to understand his recants.

Yet I, too, confess that I am grateful for Jean-Luc Nancy's work, which allows me to use MH's ideas without attributing them publically to MH.
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