Tuesday, June 10, 2014
In NDPR, Gary E. Aylesworth reviews Ivo De Gennaro's The Weirdness of Being: Heidegger's Unheard Answer to the Seinsfrage.
The book's title, for instance, comes from De Gennaro's etymological understanding of the word "weird," or "wyrd," which in Old English means "fate" or "destiny." Hence "the weirdness of being" is his translation of Heidegger's Geschichte des Seins (commonly rendered as the "history of being"), which is the event (the Ereignis) of being itself. He also suggests that "being" should be rendered as "be3ng" with the Middle English yogh, which transcribes the Anglo-Saxon g-rune, meaning giving or generosity.
The be3ng.com domain is available.
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