Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Spiked on political correctness gone wild.
University College London’s students’ union (UCLU) [...] has moved to ban a Nietzsche student society on the grounds that it is fascist.
The ‘Nietzsche Club’, originally founded as the ‘Traditional Society’, claimed to be committed to ‘traditionalist art and philosophy’. The society put up posters around UCL campus bearing slogans such as ‘Equality is a false god’ and promoting philosophers such as Julius Evola, Alain de Benoist and Martin Heidegger. In response to the posters, UCLU banned the group, accusing them of ‘promoting a far-right, fascist ideology at UCL’ which is supposedly a direct threat to the ‘safety of the UCL student body and UCLU members’.
Universities must protect students from threatening thoughts.
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