Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Landscape of Being on what technology is.
Every human person stands in some relationship to, or provocative juxtaposition with, technology understood in the Heideggerian sense of a functional lens through which the world is perceived. The Amazonian Indian has a place in the community defined by his purposeful contribution as much as does the German law graduate. Everywhere life is understood in the context of the human activity of positing ends and procuring and utilising the means to realise them.
Is Heidegger's contribution universalist ("every human person") or about the particulars of the Amazonian or graduate's contingent understanding of being?
That Dasein is the one for whom Being is an issue is about as 'universal' as one can get for such beings. But then there are those with lesser worlds than Dasein, or no world as is the case for rocks, so far as we know.
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