Friday, August 29, 2014
Ted Kisiel on experiencing Ge-Stell in the here and now.
In Heidegger’s depiction, therefore, at the most extreme extremity of the history of the metaphysics of constant presence, we find ourselves poised at the very threshold of crossing over into an authentic experience of be-ing in the propriating event, das Er-eignis. But despite the apparent and so tantalizing proximity of this ex-perience, we are not given to expect a smooth gradual crossing over to it simply because of the extremities at which we are poised: the machinations of technology have resulted in the complete abandonment of beings by be-ing [Seinsverlassenheit] and the human being is in peril of not only forgetting his essential be-ing but even of having forgotten this forgetting of be-ing. “But in this extreme extremity of destining peril the most intimate relationship [of man and be-ing] shows itself, but shows itself only as a completely veiled hint. [P. 327]” It is necessary to push the ex-perience of the peril of technology to the extreme to glimpse the e-vent emerging in the Ge-Stell.
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