Saturday, September 27, 2014
Heidegger’s Black Notebooks: A Conference – Film Screening & Discussion

With Richard Wolin, Jeffrey Van Davis, Emmanuel Faye, Karsten Harries, and Thomas Sheehan.
Through scholarship, and even less from any sort of political standpoint, you can never come to terms with Heidegger. You can only overcome the thinker, Heidegger, in a thinkerly way. The clue to Heidegger's anti-semitism is its link with liberalism, an entrenched topos in 19th century German prejudices. So you get over Heidegger by thinking through freedom in connection with posing the question concerning being and time.
That would have been a far more interesting discussion if the moderator wasn't so ungracious and self-centred, deciding to field most of the questions himself rather than directing them to his rather fascinating and distinguished guests.
I scanned it on Saturday, didn't find anything interesting, and finally watched the whole video today. The video is mainly three critics of Heidegger's deeds gossiping about his sex life and other his other nasty qualities. Karsten Harries tries to steer it towards the black notebooks and philosophy, but the three have nothing to contribute there. Thomas Sheehan gets a single word in.

A succinct summary. Harries was trying his damnedest to elevate the conversation. and i got the impression that Sheehan realized there was nothing to be done in the situation so he just avoided being drawn into it. I would have liked to have heard Harries' presentation and discussions during the rest of the seminar.

speaking of which i recently read Judith Wolfe's Heidegger and Theology, which i thought excellent. Her presentation of Heidegger's political involvement, as well as his theological development provide valuable context for understanding his views (both positive and negative).
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