Sunday, November 30, 2014
Theodore Kisiel on the paradigm shift to the meaning-giving source.
What makes meaning possible at all? The answer: die Lichtung, the lighted clearing that opens a realm of intelligibility for the human being. But what then makes the clearing possible? The answer: das Ereignis, the properizing event of appropriation that throws us into the unique clearing of intelligibility in which we happen to find ourselves thrown.
A longer and more detailed account follows the development of Heidegger’s thought from his repeated failure to complete the published fragment of Being and Time, which prompts a radical change in direction of his thought that is gradually made known through his talks, lecture courses, and writings from the thirties on, most of which were not published until well after the war. Our story begins with the repeated attempts to draft the Third Division of the First Part of Being and Time, entitled “Time and Being,” without success. The fulcrum of the story is a reconstituted version of “Time and Being” that Heidegger jotted down, in my estimation, in his “cabin copy” of Sein und Zeit in the late thirties, and that sketches out the stages of the reversal into the new direction that the later Heidegger was pursuing (GA 2: 53n):
1. The transcendental difference.
2. Overcoming the horizon as such.
3. The turn around into the source.
4. Meaningful presence out of this source.

From the 2014 Gatherings. I've converted this paper from PDF to HTML here, as an experiment, on the Ereignis beta site. I added hyperlinks to most of the citations.
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