Tuesday, January 27, 2015
In next month's Philosophy Now, Raymond Tallis on being here.
One of the problems that bothered me was that [Heidegger's] ontology of human being was one-legged. You cannot, I argued, have a ‘being-there’ without also a ‘being-here’ for ‘there’ to be defined by. So Da-sein requires a complementary Hier-sein, as recto requires verso or as a view ‘out there’ requires a viewpoint ‘here’.
Meanwhile, back at the Heidegger.
The “Da,” as a concept understood with respect to the history of beyng, does not have a directional character according to which it is distinguished from the “over there” (here and there [da und dort]). Even the “there” is a Da or, more precisely, is in the Da (Daibi and ubi).
The Da signifies the appropriated open realm—the appropriated clearing of being.
Pp. 180-1
Ubi pus, ibi evacua.
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