Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Not much going on web-wise. Pensum linked to this in a comment last month. No one else appears to have blogged it.

Badiou on Faye’s book.
Even beyond the ‘Heidegger case’ – and he did indeed stoop to vulgar anti-Semitism – it is of the utmost importance to shout from the rooftops that someone could be, or could have been, an anti-communist, a Stalinist, a philo- or anti-semite, hostile to women, a feminist, a monarchist, a democrat, a militarist, a nationalist, a partisan, a Nazi or Mussolinite, gay, sexually conformist, internationalist, colonialist, egalitarian, aristocratic, an elitist or friend of the masses, and so on and so forth… and be a philosopher of the greatest importance.
I tried subscribing to Charlie Hebdo, but their site's in mourning.
Will the fun never end? With Figal's resignation it seems not… Here's a short interview with him.
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