Monday, February 23, 2015
The Tehran Times interviews Kevin Richards about the truth of science.
Heidegger, in the essay in question [QCT], points to why, in part, by making a critical distinction between the correct and the ‘true.’ Science provides a system that can produce correct answers to the questions formulated by the rules of the system it sets up. ‘2+2=4’ is correct, but it is not ‘true’ and so too for the answers provided by advanced mathematics. Truth, for Heidegger, is a process of revealing, one that resists the delimiting answers of mathematics. Art, literature, philosophy, music, and other cultural fields provide avenues for the revelation of ‘truth,’ while science and math provide merely the correct. Or, to state things differently, Heidegger suggests that science provides a framework for the world that seems to be reasonable and is built on reason, but actually closes off the possibility of seeing the world differently.
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