Monday, March 16, 2015
Andrew Galloway on lighting the Lichtung.
When Heidegger evokes the lumen naturale of man he is making reference to one of two kinds of light. The light of man is a terrestrial light. When bodies with their anima (their vital force) are vigorous and alive, they are illuminated with the light of the lumen naturale. Lumen is the light of life, the light of this world, the light that sparkles from the eyes of consciousness.
But there is another kind of light. Being carries its own kind of light that is not the light of man. This light is a cosmological light, a divine light, the light of the phenomena. Light as grace.
So just as there are two Heideggers, there are also two lights. One light is the light of transparent bodies, clear and mobile. This light is the light of this world, experienced through passage and illumination. But the other light is the light of opaque bodies. It is the light of color, a holy light, experienced only through reflection and indirection.
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