Monday, March 02, 2015
Christian Fuchs on implications for the reception of Heidegger in media and communication studies.
There is a logical link between the Black Notebooks' anti-Semitism and the analysis of technology in Being and Time and The Question Concerning Technology. The first publication provides the missing link and grounding for the second and the third. Heidegger’s works have had significant influence on studies of the media, communication, and the Internet. Given the anti-Semitism in the Black Notebooks, it is time that Heideggerians abandon Heidegger, and instead focus on alternative traditions of thought. It is now also the moment where scholars should consider stopping to eulogise and reference Heidegger when theorising and analysing the media, communication, culture, technology, digital media, and the Internet.
Political correctness über alles.
Well, just from the abstract we can see that everything is confused and misunderstood from the start. If one concludes that "Heidegger" must be "abandoned" because of a "link" between the work on technology and the anti-Semitism in the Notebooks, then one has neither understood the works on technology nor the groundwork laid in the earlier works, much less understood what link exists, if there is one, between the philosophy and the philosopher's anti-Semitism.

No one sees, or wants to admit, that Heidegger's work on technology holds the possibility of a thorough and penetrating critique of his own anti-Semitism--perhaps because they don't take the time to research what they're talking about, or perhaps because such an interpretation isn't a headline-grabber like the calls to burn books and reject his philosophy.

Well, for what it's worth, my small attempt to break through the noise: http://notphilosophy.com/framing-heidegger-technology-and-the-notebooks/

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