Monday, March 30, 2015
In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Sarah Kendzior on the academy's insularity from furthering human knowledge.
The economic collapse of 2008 and corresponding breakdown of the academic job market created a backlog of Ph.D.’s unable to find tenure-track positions but still attempting to stay active in their fields. While their financial struggle is well-documented, less noted is a different kind of deprivation: lack of library access. With tenure-track jobs had to come by, many scholars today occupy a grey area – one they share with NGO employees, journalists, and other intellectuals toiling outside the ivory tower and its paywalled digital resources. These intellectuals share an inability to access academic works on their own areas of specialization. They are part of “the conversation” – often cited within it – but blocked from some of its premium sources.
The academy has moved on from Μηδείς άγεωμέτρητος είσίτω μον τήν στέγην to "Let no one bereft of wealth enter here".
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