Monday, March 02, 2015

Not Philosophy on the framing of the Black Notebooks.
Despite any allegiance he gave to the regime in 1933, despite any enduring belief in the principles of National Socialism as he saw them or wanted to see them, and despite his refusal to take responsibility in the manner of apology, the Holocaust was for Heidegger the furthest thing from a celebration of Being that one can imagine, representing a categorical lack of understanding of human freedom; and thus it is not “compatible,” if we must use the word, with his “philosophy.” Being totally withdrawn, absent in the sense of the greatest of that which is possible for the human in their being to be, denied. The natural and human forces of life squeezed through the technological machinery of war. The Jew was deprived of a natural, human death, and thus of life, by being forced into death by technological conversion. It is, indeed, an assault upon humanity and a violence done to the beings that were already present there with their own purposes for their lives.
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Osborn provides a welcome clear-headedness to the debate, especially when there are people out there making such outrageous claims as, "Etre et Temps est lui-même, comme titre, un 'antisémitisme'. Il annonce la constitution du peuple comme 'peuple de l’Etre', radicalement opposé, et jusqu’à la guerre totale, au 'peuple de la Loi', au peuple 'métaphysique'." (Quick translation: "The very title Being and Time itself is an "antisemitic" statement. It proclaims the constitution of the people as 'people of Being', radically opposed, and until all-out war, to the 'people of the Law', to the 'metaphysical' people.") [from Philoblogzophe]
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