Wednesday, April 15, 2015
I have just pushed the latest version (1.3) of my GA App to the cloud.

The major new feature is that books and papers are now linked to Google Scholar. For example, on a book's page you'll see the following External links:

Ereignis: Information about the book on Ereignis web site. I haven't entered all the information about some books into the app. That's especially the case for books with essays by multiple people. This link only shows if I've linked the book to its entry in the Ereignis bibliography.
Amazon: The book on Amazon. This link only shows if the book has an ISBN.
Google Books: The book on Google Books. This link only shows if the book has an ISBN.
OneDrive: The PDF file of the book. This link only shows if I have the PDF, and only works if you are collaborating with me on a project, or your app login is connected the author, translator, or editor of the book.
Google Scholar: The book on Google Scholar.

Besides the new links, this update also adds lots of new content which can be found using the app's Search feature.
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