Friday, April 17, 2015
In Corriere Della Sera, Richard Wolin thrashes a straw man.
[T]he most recently published volume of the Black Notebooks (Gesamtausgabe 97) seems to have been the final straw.
Given the history of l’affaire Heidegger, I expect Wolin will continue to find straw for his scarecrow.
His first significant publication following the war, the 1947 «Letter on Humanism», was in reality a manifesto of antihumanism. Let there be no underestimating the ethical stakes at issue. By declaring war on «humanism», Heidegger was simultaneously declaring war on the principles of «human dignity», «human rights», «self-determination», and «democracy». In sum, he scorned the «ideas of 1789» as «unGerman».
Three decades ago, Wolin published an anthology that starts with Heidegger's "The self-determination of the German University". Now he tells us Heidegger was at war with «self-determination». Good thing scholars have a journalist to tell them what to think.
[H]is philosophy makes a mockery of the Kantian ideal of moral autonomy.
Kant: "The euthanasia of Judaism is the pure moral religion.", Streit der Fakultaten, 1798, 'nuff said.
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