Wednesday, April 29, 2015
In NDPR, Joe Balay reviews Denis McManus's Heidegger, Authenticity and the Self: Themes From Division Two of Being and Time.
The anthology opens with a short piece by Guignon, situating Division Two and its notion of authenticity within the framework of Being and Time. The proceeding essays fall roughly into two groups. The first takes a comparative approach, investigating the philosophical overlap between Heidegger and thinkers ranging from Aristotle to Luther to Kierkegaard to Sartre. Here we find contributions by such thinkers as Clare Carlisle, Stephen Mulhall, Peter Poellner, Katherine Withy, and George Pattison. The second examines questions of method and methodologically key concepts such as guilt, anxiety, and death. Here we have contributions by William Blattner, Taylor Carman, Daniel Dahlstrom, Sophia Dandelet, and Hubert Dreyfus among others.
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