Tuesday, April 14, 2015
In Sputnik International, challenging the truth (ἀλήϑεια-3, "the agreement of a propositional
statement with the state of affairs to which it refers") in the Ukraine.
If truth emerges from the clash of opinions, it is only when both sides seek the truth

Clearly, this is not the case. So what should we do? What should we do about Ukraine?

Heidegger believed that a thinker should not engage in arguments, as when he does so he begins to think for the sake of the argument. We should analyze our own position, question, expand, and deepen it.
Czar Putin's serfs say they need to expand their position, indicating they remain stuck metaphysically.

Heidegger lectured:
Space and time comprise the framework for our calculative domination and ordering of the "world" as nature and history. This pervasive measure­ment of the world in a calculative, discovering. and conquering manner is undertaken by modern human beings in a way whose distinctive metaphys­ical feature is modern machine technology. Metaphysically, it remains un­decided in this process whether this procedure on the part of modern human beings—a procedure of conquering space and of time-lapse—serves merely to bring about a position within the planet as a whole that secures this humanity a suitable "living space" [Lebensraum.]
GA 53 59 = 48.
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