Thursday, April 02, 2015
I've just come across the first Journal of the American Philosophical Association. It has a paper by Chad Engelland, "Heidegger and the Human Difference". I haven't finished the paper, but I noticed that it has 60 citations, and they are all linked to Google Scholar, and some are linked to the cited paper itself. The references within the text are also nicely linked to the citations at the end.

When I last considered linking books and papers in my Gesamtausgabe App to Google Scholar, I couldn't find most citations, and the pages for the documents I did find did not have very useful information. Now, with this JAPA paper, not only do all the citations exist in Google Scholar, but most of the Google Scholar pages are even useful - Google Scholar's page for an HC Proceedings paper links to the paper itself! Things get better.
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