Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Carolyn Thomas and Iain Thomson on real education.

Such real education—a revolutionary education that brings us full-circle back to the place of our essential being—is needed to reverse our destinerrancy, the plight catalyzed by the withdrawal of being’s meaningful presence from the life of contemporary late-modernity, and yet Contributions deems this withdrawal irrevocable. How then is such real edu-cation even possible when it requires thoughtful (and thus being-full) laying hold, turning, leading, and acclimating? Contributions answers: only if such an education can first call forth transitional thinking, a thinking catalyzed by a pedagogy practiced as relentless hermeneutic engagement with the ontotheological tradition, a pedagogy that repeatedly undergoes a version of Socratic aporia, the shocking experience of the impasse in the path of metaphysical thinking, the collision with the unmasterable that reminds one of one’s ignorance, of the unmasterability of the core philosophical problems by representational thought.
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